Traveling with See to Read – Read to See

See to Read – Read to See NFP currently serves communities in Guatemala and Ghana. While these countries are far apart and have different cultures, the services and message we provide people in these areas are the same. If you participate/travel with us on one (or more) of our trips, here is some information about what you will expect.

Trips are typically 9-10 days in length. As a team, we travel to and from our destination via plane and stay in safe, comfortable, clean accommodations. Our main objective on each trip is to serve the community by providing eye health services and hardware (glasses), but we ensure that you get some time to visit and experience sites while in the visiting country too.


Eye Health Clinic

Our eye glass health clinics are comprised of stations in which you will be serving our guests. Don’t worry, we provide plenty of training prior to traveling with us and we will make sure that you are comfortable in your role. Over the duration of the trip, we also give you an opportunity to rotate through the various stations so you can experience all aspects of serving our guests.

The stations of our clinic are registration, evangelism, instruction, visual acuity, doctor analysis and distribution.

Registration – this is where our guests register for our services. They each get a card that follows them through our clinic stations recording information. We usually have local aids handling this station for us.

Evangelism – all our trips are partnered with local churches. It is a part of our agreement with them that the local Pastor will give a quick talk with guests about the Gospel Message. Here, we have the local Pastor and assistants at this station to familiarize themselves with the community. We are not involved with this station. It is the end goal that they will establish a relationship with these people and encourage them to come to worship at the church.

Instruction – in this step, guests are given instruction on how to perform the visual acuity examination. This station is handled by one of our experienced team members.

Visual Acuity – This is the first place where you get a chance to serve! Remember the E chart at the eye doctor? We use this chart to find out at what level can the guest see. By asking them to tell us the direction of the E on the chart, we can gauge what their visual acuity is. This step is so helpful to the doctor because then they can quickly diagnose the guest! The quicker the doctor visit, the more people can be seen in our short time overseas! Don’t worry, working at this station is not as hard as it sounds and you pick it up very quickly!

Doctor Analysis – Our traveling doctors, all volunteer, use the scores from the visual acuity assessment to diagnose the guest. If we travel to Guatemala and you speak spanish, you might be able to play translator for a traveling doctor. Or maybe you can help assist in Ghana to help the doctor work more quickly.

Distribution – this is where our guests get their glasses! We bring with us a variety of strengths and styles of readers that you can help our guests pick out to take with them! If you are all about fashion, you will enjoy finding that perfect pair! We also bring lenses and frames to make custom glasses for those who need a more specific prescription. We call them “Harry Potter” glasses as all the frames are the same shape to allow us to do glasses construction on site. You can get a chance to learn how to make a custom pair for a guest. It’s the best feeling seeing a guest finally see through their new glasses.


Upcoming Trips

We currently planning trips to Belize in June 2017 and Ghana in September 2017. If you are interested in traveling on one of these trips, please contact us!